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Neurological Rehabilitation

1. What is neurological rehabilitation?  Neurological rehabilitation involves specific activities to help improve the function and vitality of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). 

2. What diagnoses do you treat?  I treat a wide range of diagnoses including, but not limited to:

  •      Stroke

  •      Traumatic brain injury

  •      Concussion and post concussive syndrome                                                                          

  •      Vertigo and dizziness

  •      Migraines and headaches 

  •      Balance disorders

  •      Spinal cord injury

  •      Parkinsons                                                                         

  •      Multiple Sclerosis                                                                                                                                                            

  •      Developmental delay                                                                            

  •      ADHD/ADD 

  •      Sensory processing disorder (SPD)

  •      Problems with muscular tone (high or low) 


3. What would an evaluation or treatment session consist of?  I believe one of the most important factors of any treatment is teamwork.  During the evaluation, I will spend time discussing with the patient their symptoms and goals for therapy to enable them to be as independent as possible. This process occasionally includes family members. I will then assess strength, mobility, flexibility, functional limitations, movement patterns, and balance. Together, we assess the results to form a treatment plan that encourages independence and improved functional mobility. 

Treatment sessions are typically an hour long and could include: therapeutic exercise, vestibular rehabilitation, balance activities, neurological re-education of movement and activity patterns, gait training with the use of specialized therapy equipment, craniosacral therapy, compensatory techniques if needed, and assessment for bracing. 

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