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“I like seeing Keri because she listens to me, even when I am not feeling well. She helps me to understand what is happening in my body so I can help it to heal. She is good at explaining things that no one else does.” W.M. age 12

"Keri is that rare combination of someone who is as caring as they are skilled. She is an experienced physical therapist who keeps up with the latest advances. She is also extremely nurturing and will personalize your therapy to your specific issues and needs. I have seen many PTs over the years for a chronic problem and I can honestly say that Keri has helped me make the most progress in my health and sustain those gains. I am so grateful to be her patient." B.R.


"Keri Dahlstrom is amazing. She has worked with all three of my children, one of which has SPD (sensory processing disorder) and another had major surgery after birth. She is so in tune and patient with the children letting them guide her. She has helped my son with SPD overcome screaming fits due to either acid reflux or overstimulation, social anxiety, sleep disorder, coping with new twin sisters and much more. One daughter had severe arching and Keri helped untwist and strengthen where needed. The other daughter she helped recover from surgery and connect better with her twin since they were separated so young. I cannot list all the ways she has helped myself and our family. Her touch is powerful and healing. I would highly recommend her to any family."

K. L. mother of 3

"Keri helped me become a whole person again. I would not have come back from the multiple concussions (traumatic brain injuries) without Keri as my physical therapist. Keri is extremely experienced and knowledgable about the world of concussions. She helped me and my family navigate through the world of doctors, neurologists and specialists I needed to see to help me to heal. She delved into many areas of my brain and life functions, asking questions about my vision, my cognitive functioning, my daily functioning, my emotions, etc., and gave me recommendations on specialists to see to help me in my healing process. She identified issues that I was having that even my doctor and neurologist did not initially diagnose. She also recognized patterns in my daily life that were increasing my headaches and my inability to heal. Keri is a therapist with a huge heart. It doesn't feel like she does her job just because it is her duty or because she is paid to do so. She puts all of her heart into it. She showed me that she cared about me in so many different ways. She paid attention. She listened. She always went the extra mile or spent just a few extra minutes to educate me and/or my family on what she was doing, what needed to happen at home, or what needed to be done next. Keri was honest about where I was at all times in my progress, but she was also always encouraging, which allowed me to stay hopeful. Unlike many of my other healthcare providers that told me limitations that I would have and warned me of things I would never be able to do again, she was my biggest cheerleader. She was always ready to celebrate my wins, no matter how small. Keri treated my headaches, calmed my nervous system and relaxed me in a way that no other therapist could. She was able to easily tap into my energy and read what needed to be done with my brain and body without me even telling her. She literally worked miracles in my life. I would recommend Keri to anyone with a concussion." 


"I have had the joy of knowing and working with Keri Dahlstrom for over 10 years and I’ve admired her since the day I met her. She is an exemplary therapist who shows the utmost professionalism, respect and compassion for her clients. I have also had the opportunity to experience her healing touch when I was having some neck and shoulder pain. When I received treatment from Keri, I felt like I was the most important thing to her in that moment. Keri treats her patients as a whole person: mind, body and spirit. She combines her intuitive sense and vast knowledge base to every session. She is an incredibly well-rounded therapist who integrates all of her knowledge and expertise into a power-packed session. I highly recommend Keri!"

C. R., Physical Therapist

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