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      When our little ones come into the world, we want to ensure that they have all they need to grow and develop into healthy adolescents, and eventually into healthy, competent adults. When an infant is born, the various parts of the brain are not yet working fully together as a unit. As the child is touched, spoken to, allowed to explore their environment, and have their immediate needs met to allow a sense of security and safety, they are stimulating the brain to develop communication pathways. These pathways are essential for reaching developmental milestones, and also for enabling academic learning. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, there are times when circumstances can interrupt this process and delay the development of these essential pathways. Some of these circumstances include: traumatic or premature birth, food allergies, disease, chronic infections, poor nutrition, exposure to environmental toxins or insufficient stimulation of the senses.  


     When the pathways are not stimulated or developed, children can develop a variety of problems. These problems include: attention problems, ADHD/ADD, speech deficits, bowel and bladder problems, difficulty with social interactions, feelings of overwhelm, gross and fine motor problems, poor sleep habits, and sensory processing disorder. There are a variety of therapies to assist our children in the critical developmental process, including craniosacral therapy, brain gym, neurological rehabilitation and rhythmic movement therapy. Please follow the links below to learn more about the various treatments available through Heart and Soul Physical Therapy.

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